Meet Jennifer Monroy


Name:                              Jennifer Monroy
UST Classification:     Alumni May 2008
Degree:                           Business Administration


“As an undergrad, I was very active on campus and involved in everything from Campus Ministry, Hispanic Business Student Association, Student Organization of Latinos, women’s intramural soccer and president of the Student Activity Board. Due to my involvement, when I graduated in 2008 I was blessed with the opportunity to attend WYD in Sydney. By far it was one of the most amazing, inspiring and spiritually-fulfilling experiences of my life. God’s presences was visible everywhere you looked and it was impossible not to be moved. I was given the strength and courage to face the new chapter in my life – post-graduation and “the real world” – that commenced upon our return.

Upon our return this time, I am leaving everything I know to fulfill a lifelong dream of moving to New York City. I can’t think of a better way to prepare myself for this change than to embark on a journey of spiritual renewal, guidance, hope and strength. Another reason I wanted be part of the UST WYD Pilgrims is to continue being involved and connected with the UST community post-graduation. We have a wonderful group and I’m very excited about the friendships that are evolving. 

I am looking forward to the entire trip as every aspect of it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While I am dreading the 200 mile hike, at the same time being able to achieve the hike one of the things I’m looking forward to most.  I can’t wait to travel to Spain and explore different areas of the country while learning about the culture, attend WYD Events, meet people from around the world, connect with the UST community and see the Pope!  VIVA EL PAPA!!!”

– Jennifer Monroy

About ustwydpilgrimage2011

The UST Campus Ministry serves students of all faiths and facilitates the growth of the spiritual life of the campus community, through the sacraments, spiritual guidance, and counseling in the Christian tradition, and is an outreach of evangelization to all. Youth leadership in liturgical programs, retreats, bible studies, volunteer experiences, academic and spiritual integration, liturgical music involvement and religious education courses are some of the opportunities students are encouraged to be involved in at UST. Students are also invited to be leaders in expanding their faith development and the faith development of their campus community.
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