Meet Clarissa Krajewski


Name:    Clarissa Krajewski
Age:        24
Major:   Art and Design


Clarissa graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2009.  She is friends with the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist and is joining UST for the pilgrimage.

“I am going on the World Youth Day and Camino trip because I need time to process events in my life and discern where God is calling me.  I intend to intercede for many of my family and friends while I am on the trip. I am looking forward to seeing God’s beauty in a new place and different culture, listening to the Lord, letting go of certain aspects of living – with just a back pack, a group of people and being disconnected from technology for the time. I am most excited about seeing Spain and going on a prayerful adventure!” 

– Clarissa Krajewski

About ustwydpilgrimage2011

The UST Campus Ministry serves students of all faiths and facilitates the growth of the spiritual life of the campus community, through the sacraments, spiritual guidance, and counseling in the Christian tradition, and is an outreach of evangelization to all. Youth leadership in liturgical programs, retreats, bible studies, volunteer experiences, academic and spiritual integration, liturgical music involvement and religious education courses are some of the opportunities students are encouraged to be involved in at UST. Students are also invited to be leaders in expanding their faith development and the faith development of their campus community.
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